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Douches of the world unite

Your mom goes to college!

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This is the Application, post it under a cut or else we will eat your first born

1. What do you like to be called ?
2. What is your porn name (first pet plus the street you grew up on) ?
3. Describe yourself in one word-
4. Describe your love life in one word –
5. Saturday Night Live , Mad TV or Kids in the Hall or you live under a rock?
6. Who is your life idol and why ?
7. Your opinion on :
- The Manchester School of Economics
- Anti-Gravity Boots
- Mesh Shirts
8. Your Favorite Artist of all time ( music, visual , actor, writer etc) ?
9. Make Us Laugh –
10. Take something from somewhere and don’t credit and post it here –
11. The internet is for fantasy , we don’t care what you really look like , so us a picture of how you want to look –
12. Complete the sentence – Harold loves Edith so much that he …
13. What is your favorite inanimate object ?
14. Top 10 Music stuff(s) (bands, singers, songs w/e):
15. Favourite Activity :
16. Are you glam fabulous or ghetto fabulous ?
17. Why are you an elitist douche?

You can not post or vote until you get this

If you get this fuck off and stop whining.

This is a community about being the biggest douche possible, a community to make fun of and humiliate people just because...you feel like being a douche. So feel free to be as mean and elitist as you want. We give awards each month to the biggest douche.